The Caregiving Journey

Frequently Asked Questions

Who pays for this?

Most facilities are Private Pay with the assistance of Medicare/Medicaid (HCBS in this environment)

What does Medicare pay for?

Medicare will generally pick up medical equipment (bed, wheel chair, walker, etc) Medicaid (HCBS) pays for care if they are on that program with the additional money covering room and board and client obligation.

How long can my loved one stay here?

Meadowlark is “One stop shopping” we do it all. We provide for all levels of care in this environment, most of our residents pass away here. We are very proud of our relationship with our care partners such as Home Health and Hospice for the needs of the residents.

When can I visit?

We are a 24/7 facility and visitors are welcome to come at anytime. Routine is very important when dealing with memory issues therefore we like to limit visitors during meal times and bedtime, however some families like to come and assist their loved one with a meal or getting ready for bedtime and we are perfectly fine with that.

Are the houses locked and secure?

Yes, at all times both inside and outside of the facility.

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